Thursday, November 29, 2012


You lovers of car racing?, No one else could choose a Ferrari, Ferrari racing car is king at this time, Ferrari has the perfect design and the best racing car, Ferrari has a super engine power very quickly, it is recognized in the Automotive world world today, Ferrari has high performance, Ferrari is a car that is ready to beat your opponent in the race, Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, Ferrari also took part in the Formula One competition at this time, such as the now-famous Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italy, Ferrari F50, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F70, Ferrari Limousine, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and much more. you are interested in a Ferrari?


BMW is a modern car, BMW is a luxury car, BMW is a special car, BMW is a masterpiece of art in the Automotive world that have more value in every way, BMW is a form of advanced technologies in the Automotive world today, look like a BMW car see a bright future, having the form of a BMW like a beautiful dream come true, BMW cars have outstanding performance, BMW established in 1916, by Franz Josef Popp, BMW is the first car that uses technology ABS system.

BMW also production motorcycle, the BMW is a car 56% gasoline, 44% of the remaining diesel cars, BMW has never had a history of success in Formula One, BMW have divisions overseas such as in South Africa, South America, India, China, Canada, Egypt , for the type and model year 2012, 2012 BMW 550i, 2012 BMW X5, 2012 BMW X6, 2012 BMW 335i, 2012 BMW Z4, BMW M3, 2012 BMW i8, BMW 2012 528i, and many more.